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NPF is politically and religiously independent, non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to bring together local, regional and national associations for people with the interest in parrots in Sweden and in the Nordic countries. The Association is composed of the organizations, associations and commercial businesses with parrots or supplies for the parrots in their business and raised as members of the union.
The Association shall, together with its member organizations and other like-minded push for:
- An awareness raising among the public about the keeping of birds in general, parrots in particular
- To be a forum where member organizations gather consensus on policy issues related to the common interest
- That it encourages openness and collaboration between the various organizations, both member agencies and other external organizations
- That it stimulated a collaboration and an exchange of information with other unions and associations in the Nordic countries
- Active participate in debates and in social processes with the authorities regarding changes in conditions with regard to the keeping of caged birds in general, pet parrots in particular
- The illegal trade in ornamental birds and pet parrots countered
- That international trade in ornamental birds and pet parrots is according to the rules and laws
- A healthier breeding with domesticated birds including that inbreeding with birds in general, pet parrots in particular, is discouraged

Is your organization a like-minded one? Welcome with your application for membership!

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